Chem-Dry’s Tile & Grout Cleaning Advantage

Tile & Grout Cleaning Park City Utah

No matter where you go, tile flooring is everywhere. It is in every aspect of our daily lives. It is in our homes, typically found in our kitchens and/or bathrooms and occasionally in other rooms in our homes. It is in our businesses. It is in corporate offices, doctor’s offices, and even in restaurants.

It is understandably important that professional tile cleaning is needed to help maintain the look of your tile flooring. Simply mopping and spot cleaning will likely not get the job done.

There are five mopping procedures: spot, damp, wet, wet with rinse and aggressive. Each of these mopping techniques is comprised of applying solution, agitation, removal of contaminated solution, rinse and damp mop. What usually happens is the person cleaning the floor usually mops the floor on a daily or routine basis by submerging the mop into a bucket of cleaning solution and mopping a section of the floor or room. They then repeat the process until the entire area or room is complete. In the case of microfiber flat mop systems, they essentially do the same thing only they change the microfiber applicator at each break instead of re-submerging the mop in cleaning solution, which is better in the sense that you are at least using a clean microfiber on each pass.

When cleaning with a mop, not only are you not getting all of the dirt and material from the tile flooring, but you are actually pushing some of it, along with the cleaning solution, deep into the tile and grout itself. More often than not, you are going to find the cleaning solution can be especially difficult on your tile and grout.

Hiring a professional tile cleaner is your only recourse. They will likely use a cleaning solution that is not harmful to your flooring and can get deep inside the tile and in the grout in between the tiles to get all the dirt and material from inside, giving it a nicer, cleaner look. More often than not, professional tile cleaners will even offer protective layering for your tile and/or grout, helping keep that new clean look longer while extending the life of your tile flooring.

Whether you have ceramic tiles, linoleum, porcelain, terrazzo, marble, Mexican, stone, or vinyl flooring, hiring a professional tile and grout cleaner will not only give you that new floor look, but help extend the life of your floor. And who doesn’t want to have a new floor look when they have company over?