When To Choose Park City Utah Rug Cleaning

When To Choose Park City Utah Rug Cleaning

A high quality rug is something that can last a lifetime if it is taken good care of. However, getting  stains out of a rug can be a difficult and frustrating task. If you use the wrong cleaning solution or cleaning method then you could end up making your stain permanent, spreading it, or making part of the rug fade, thereby rendering it unusable. These tips will help you understand what to do if you spill something on a rug, or if your rug starts getting dirty, and will also give you an idea of when to call in the specialists at the Park City Utah Rug Cleaning service, Chem-Dry of Park City.

What to Do if You Suffer a Spillage

If you do spill something on a rug, don’t panic! You can fix the problem and minimise the damage if you act quickly. Start by picking up anything that you can with your hands, and then use a cloth to soak up any liquid. Be sure to blot the stain, rather than rubbing, because rubbing is what will cause long term damage.
After that, if you know what the rug is made from you can take action to clean the rug using a mild detergent and soapy water. However, if you do not know what the rug is made of then you should not do this, and should skip straight to calling in the professionals. You do not want to use a detergent that will damage or bleach the fibers.
Lightly spraying water on the stain, blotting it with an absorbent tissue, then re-spraying over and over again will often gradually lift a stain from the rug. However, if you do this you should use lukewarm water. Using hot water will set the stain and make it worse. Never, ever use bleach, and think carefully before using other detergents. Mild dish soap is OK for most stains on most fabrics, but anything stronger is likely to cause damage.
That’s why solutions such as Chem-Dry are so valuable. Chem-Dry does not use synthetic chemicals. It is a natural cleaning process that works to remove dirt without damaging the object it is cleaning, and without polluting your home with harsh chemicals that may threaten your health or cause an allergic reaction. If you have pets or young children, then it makes sense to try to avoid exposing those beloved members of the family to any unnecessary chemicals. You may be able to tolerate them, but smaller and younger bodies may not.

Day to Day Cleaning

The way that you clean a rug on a day to day basis will depend on how deep the pile is, and how high-traffic the area where the rug is lain tends to be. A very deep-pile rug will need greater care than a shorter one, and something like a traditional clippy-mat will need more care and attention and a rug made using modern carpet backing techniques. Some rugs can be cleaned easily with a vacuum cleaner, others may need taken outside to be shaken and beaten.
Do not use a wet vac on a rug unless you are certain that the construction can cope with that. Try not to use things like shake-n-vac to combat odors either, since it should not be necessary to spread chemicals all over your home.
Shake the rug and brush the fibers regularly so that they are pointing in the right direction. If the pattern on the rug is symmetrical, rotate it occasionally so that the wear and tear on the rug is not focused on one central spot. In addition, try not to place heavy objects or static furniture on deep pile carpets and rugs unless you know that the furniture is going to stay there for many years, and that it will be easy to cover the resulting indentations in the future if necessary.

Chem-Dry Cleaning

The Chem-Dry system has been around for more than 35 years. It was invented in 1977, and it has quickly expanded to become the go-to cleaning service for rugs and carpets all over the world. The Park City Utah Rug Cleaning company uses Chem-Dry to ensure that rugs are cleaned well using safe and non-toxic methods.

Chem-Dry uses natural CO2 to produce millions of bubbles which will penetrate the fibres of the rug. These effervescent bubbles help to dissolve dirt and stains, and then lift the dirt to the surface so that it can be extracted. Unlike chemical cleaning methods, the technique used by Park City Utah Rug Cleaning will not bleach or stain your rug, or damage the fibers. It will get your carpet or rug looking pristine, and remove odors and particulate soiling too.

Rug Cleaning At Home

Rug owners can bring their rugs to our store for a professional cleaning service, or have our employees come out to their homes to do rug cleaning at home. While we suggest that stubborn stains be handled at our premises, we will do our best to clean rugs at home, and will be happy to come out to inspect stained rugs and offer advice about the best way to take care of them. Our at-home cleaning service is affordable, professional and convenient, and we offer a wide selection of visitation times to suit your busy lifestyle.
Antique rugs that are looking tired and that seem rather fragile are a good candidate for our at-home cleaning service. We are always happy to come out and have a look at your rugs and carpets, and will work with you to find a safe and effective cleaning solution that will not put your precious decorations at risk.
At Chem-Dry’s Park City Utah Rug Cleaning service, we take pride in offering the best in-house and at home cleaning. Whether your rug is looking dull and dusty, or has been stained, our team of professionals will be happy to take a look at it for you. Give us a call today to discuss your needs.