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Granite Countertop Restoration

Granite is a very beautiful hard stone, which has been a popular choice for the high wear commercial floors as well as kitchen countertops. However, when granite is damaged or scratched, it can be quite difficult to restore, especially on your own. Many stone restoration companies will generally avoid granite altogether.

Granite is generally durable and is not easy to scratch or burn. However, over time, anything is susceptible to wear and tear, and this can become apparent on your graphite surfaces. The everyday use of the kitchen countertops may lead to staining and the general loss of luster. Regardless of the type of damage, it is definitely cheaper to repair, refinish, or restore your granite countertops, rather than replacing them.

Graphite maintenance is something you cannot do by yourself. It is therefore a good idea to consult a professional company that specializes in providing these services.

Chem-Dry of Park City offers granite countertop restoration and cleaning services. We restore your granite to its initial elegant condition. Our highly trained experts can identify and resolve any problems associated with graphite. Be assured that your granite countertops are in good hands with us.

We offer essential services for commercial and residential clients, including refinishing, restoration, cleaning, polishing, as well as regular maintenance of the various granite countertops. We can virtually restore any problems that may occur, ranging from removing stains and worn out unsightly areas of the topical coating. In addition, we can reseal your granite to help preserve its beauty.

Honing and Polishing

Although granite is generally a resilient stone, heavy usage, high traffic, and any form of accidental damage will surely lessen its appearance. At first, topical coatings will look elegant at first, but shortly after, they will trap dirt, get scratched and scuffed, and will inevitably give your granite surface a rather dingy appearance. This can be enhanced further by improper cleaning techniques, which may detract the natural beauty of the stone.

Our technicians are well trained in the best granite polishing and honing techniques. We start with a very thorough cleaning. We then proceed by polishing in stages to achieve a naturally elegant finish of your choice.

Stain Removal

Just like all natural stone, graphite is prone to staining. Many graphite stains require professional attention. Improper cleaning and stain removal techniques may cause further damage to the surface. We have the latest most effective stain removal techniques, and our technicians can help if you have stained granite countertops.

Granite Sealing and Protection

Our granite countertop restoration service will restore the surface to its original elegant condition. Call us today to restore the original shine and beauty to your granite countertops.