Water Damage Restoration

Picture of Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration is the process of restoring a property back to it’s original condition after sustaining a water damage event. While there are no government regulations dictating procedures, two certifying bodies, the IICRC and the RIA, have recommend standards. We follow these standards on all water damage restoration projects. If you pride yourself on a safe and healthy home, water damage is not something to overlook. Whether a burst water heater or a leaky roof, water damage should not be ignored. The smallest of leaks can lead to mold growth and seriously impact your home’s safety and your family’s health.

Excessive water can:

  • Promote the growth of mold and bacteria.
  • Lower your homes air quality.
  • Lead to cracks in foundations and eat away at structural supports.
  • Result in expensive repairs to flooring, carpet and other possessions.
  • Result in structural damages increasing repair costs.

ChemDry’s professionally trained water damage restoration inspectors and technicians will detect the source of any water damage or leak. After we discover the source we will go over the best possible solutions for you and help you avoid any further damage to your property.

Our mission is to help those in need during difficult times. Our water damage restoration experts will help you deal with your insurance company. Insurance companies require notification within a reasonable amount of time following the water damage event. Not knowing what to say or saying the wrong thing to your insurance company could result in your claim being denied. Call a water damage restoration professional right away!

Your family’s health and well being is important to us. That is why we go the extra mile to provide the most complete solutions for your water damage restoration project. Drying water damaged surfaces will ensure you get your property back to pre-damage condition.